391- Wedding Planning Q&A Jennifer Charles and Kimberly Allen

by Aleisha

The wedding planning process is all about creating your wedding memories before the big day happens. Jennifer Charles and Kimberly Allen of Something Fabulous join the Bridechilla podcast to answer questions and help you think about planning your wedding with the end in mind. Since 2002, they have been helping couples and corporations design unique events that focus on the why, not just the how. During this episode, they answer questions from the Bridechilla community about destination weddings, how to maintain your vision during the wedding process, and how to deal with difficult family relationships. 

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How well-suited are you for a destination wedding?

Planning a wedding requires a lot of organization and attention to detail. A destination wedding requires a completely different approach to planning. Kate asks how to handle the grooms tux for her destination wedding. Should they purchase the suit prior to leaving and travel with it, or try to get a suit at the location of the wedding? These types of issues should be considered during the planning process to ensure a smooth experience. Hear Jennifer’s and Kimberly’s thoughts about this question and much more. 

What is the memory you are trying to make and how do you want to feel about your wedding when all is said and done?”

Creating one last wedding memory

For many couples, the most important part of the wedding is the people attending. One Bridechilla shares her concern with a family member who is extremely sick and might not live to see their wedding. She and her spouse-to-be are considering holding a special pre-wedding ceremony just so they can have a memorable experience with their family member before they pass. Jennifer and Kimberly share some ideas for how they can create a special wedding memory during this difficult time.

On your wedding day, you should not be worrying about your decor and what table number goes where

Maintain your wedding vision

Because there are so many decisions and so many options, the vision you have for your wedding can easily be compromised. In a month, or ten years when you look back at your wedding experience, you want to be sure that you created the wedding memories you wanted. Whether it be dealing with overly-involved family members or difficult memories, Jennifer and Kimberly have some great tips for how to maintain the vision for your wedding throughout the planning process. 

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If you are acting out of love and respect, you can’t be wrong. It’s your day!

Planning with love and respect

Jennifer and Kimberly have a philosophy of wedding planning that works for everyone. Their professional background and extensive experience has helped refine their approach to creating wedding memories. As long as you start with the end in mind, treat everyone with love and respect, and let the logistics serve your vision, your wedding can be the unique and authentic event you dream it to be. Listen to stories from their experience and learn from their expertise on this episode of the Bridechilla podcast.

Show Highlights

  • [0:50] Introduction of this episode’s guests, Jennifer and Kimberly from Something Fabulous Events. 

  • [2:56] Jennifer and Kimberly share their backgrounds, how they started Something Fabulous and how their backgrounds help them do what they do. 

  • [ 7:07] Bridechilla Kate asks about how to handle purchasing suits for a destination wedding.

  • [12:54] Aleisha, Kimberly and Jennifer answer a question about family submitted by an anonymous bridechilla. 

  • [24:15] How do you maintain your vision throughout the wedding planning process?

  • [30:46] Your personal style never goes out of style.

  • [35:50] How can you do a room flip for a reception at your wedding venue?

  • [38:19] Using a coordinator or a professional to help during the day and how they can help take care of room flip logistics. 

  • [41:55] You can have your way while still maintaining an attitude of love and respect. 

  • [45:00] How to get in touch with Jennifer and Kimberly


Listen to episode 391 of Bridechilla

Meet This Episode’s Guests

Jennifer and Kimberly are sisters and the founders of Something Fabulous, which is an event and wedding planning management service. They started designing experiences together in 2002 and have now done thousands of events. Their goal is to help individuals create a truly unique and one-of-a-kind event that tells an authentic story. They have an award winning team who can help create a beautiful event from start to finish. 

Show image by Bekir Temel

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