392- Q&A- How to Feel Better About Yourself While Planning Your Wedding

by Aleisha

Whether you are planning a wedding or just going through something stressful, it is nice to hear that other people are dealing with similar issues. Sometimes you hear about other people’s problems and it makes you feel better. Helping you get through the wedding planning process is what we are all about on the Bridechilla podcast. That’s why we are sharing problems and questions from the Bridechilla community. On this episode, Aleisha addresses questions about assigning roles and responsibilities to your wedding party, abandoning the first look, and how to know how many invitees will actually be at the wedding.

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Pick and choose your traditions

When planning your wedding, you might decide there are certain traditions that you don’t want to adhere to. Is it crazy to have a non-traditional wedding. There are many wedding traditions that you might choose to include in your ceremony. However, many customs might not make sense or be meaningful to you. Your wedding is about you, so you can choose to do whatever you want. Bridechilla Kelly doesn’t want just a traditional maid-of-honor. She wants three. Hear Aleisha’s advice for how to define roles for the three maids and how to make this unique arrangement work. 

No matter what label we are putting on people we are asking to help, the big thing is having a discussion with them about their expectations and your expectations.

Skip the secrets

Another tradition that a lot of couples choose to do is to keep the bride’s dress a secret until the day of the wedding. They often do a “first-look” prior to the wedding and photographs. However, one bridechilla contacted Aleisha to ask what they should do if they don’t want to participate in a first look. In fact, they don’t want to keep the dress a secret at all. There is no right or wrong way to customize your wedding. Hear what Aleisha’s thoughts about skipping the dress secret and abandoning the first look.  

Plan to pause with your partner

Another way to feel better about yourself when planning your wedding is to plan for quiet moments for you and your partner during the wedding day. There is so much going on during the day, it is easy to reach the end and not remember anything. Though you want your guests to have a good time, the wedding is really about you and your partner. Aleisha encourages finding moments during the day to just pause together, reflect, and ensure that your day is truly memorable.

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Find a place for the parents

You might think you are juggling a lot of people and relationships for your wedding. But do you have 7 parents to include in your wedding? That’s exactly how many Bridechilla Kristen has. Kristen wants to know how to include all of the parents and step parents in meaningful ways while still keeping the wedding special and according to her wishes. Hear Aleisha’s answer to that and many other questions during this episode of the Bridechilla podcast. 

Look at the day and don’t feel an obligation when it comes to having to appease all these people. That goes for everyone really

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Show Highlights

  • [0:30] After looking at her inbox, Aleisha decided that another wedding planning Q&A episode was in order.

  • [2:16] Bridechilla Stephanie wants to know a special and creative way to ask a long-distance friend to be a part of her wedding.

  • [6:11] Kelly asks for ideas for how to have three maids-of-honors and how to make each one feel special. 

  • [10:10] Is it crazy to not want to keep your dress a secret for the first look? 

  • [12:32] Courtney calls to get Aleisha’s advice on how to plan for how many people on the guest list will actually attend.

  • [22:40] Get the hardback wedding planning guide written by Aleisha at Bridechillstore.com.

  • [24:02] Kristen is getting married in July and wants to know how to deal with having 7 parents in their wedding and how to assign roles. 

  • [29:41] Aleisha invites the Bridechilla community to continue submitting questions, as there are more Q&A episodes to come.

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