393- Planning for the Unforeseen Circumstances

by Aleisha

Though you envision your wedding day as being nothing short of perfect, it is wise to also planning for unforeseen circumstances. No one wants to imagine the things that can go wrong on their special day. However, there are certain events or relationships that can cause issues. Rather than being naive and unprepared, work with your friends, family members, and vendors to develop contingencies so that you can still have a beautiful, magical day. On this episode of the Bridechilla podcast, guest Emily Sullivan or Emily Sullivan Events, joins Aleisha to discuss how brides and grooms can best plan for unforeseen circumstances. 

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While there are certain circumstances that you simply can’t plan for, you can plan for the eventuality that something will go wrong. Emily says that in her experience, something goes wrong everyday. Building in a contingency plan is what keeps a minor hiccup from turning into a complete train wreck. Emily suggests that the best way to plan for unforeseen circumstances is to start with the best, high quality vendors. When picking out the people who will supply or serve your wedding, make sure that they have the experience and expertise to both avoid unnecessary drama and know how to handle it if it arises. 
When you are trying to get a deal and something bigger comes along, that vendor is going to take that bigger thing because they don’t necessarily have the right work ethic

What situations should you prepare for?

During their conversation, Aleisha and Emily discuss the types of unforeseen circumstances that could threaten your wedding day. Emily’s event company is based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, so she quickly cites natural disasters as one of those threats. It could also be a vendor cancelation or no-show, a rogue family member, or a host of other unexpected events. Hear their list of possible wedding wreckers so that you can better prepare for these things during your wedding. 

I am a big advocate of vendor boundaries. It doesn’t necessarily mean your vendors are available to you 24 hours a day.

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Working with the right people is a great first step

One of the keys to avoiding or handling unforeseen circumstances is hiring the right vendors. Everything about the wedding day hinges on and celebrates great relationships. However, having great vendors doesn’t necessarily mean that they are at your disposal, night and day. When establishing a relationship with a vendor you want to be sure and respect appropriate boundaries. You can’t expect them to be available all the time, nor can you hold them responsible for issues that might arise. Emily and Aleisha talk about ways to create a great working relationship with vendors and how to mitigate risk during this podcast. 

One of the first things we tell our clients when they hire us is go ahead and get this wedding insurance policy, so that you don’t have to worry about that if it comes down to it.

Disasters aren't always natural...

One common unforeseen circumstances that Emily has seen during her time as a planner comes in the form of difficult family members. Every family has their own share of outliers who, given the opportunity, can cause real trouble. It is important to let you wedding planner or vendors know ahead of time about the potential rogue family members so that they can help formulate a plan. As you are planning your wedding, be sure you listen to this episode and consider what unforeseen circumstances you should be preparing for on your special day. 

The best bet when dealing with family drama is don’t pretend it’s not there. Deal with it
Trust your gut when you are hiring your vendors. Do your research, listen to what your gut is saying and go in that direction.

Listen to the episode

  • [0:34] Aleisha introduces today’s guest, Emily Sullivan, owner of Emily Sullivan events in New Orleans, Louisiana

  • [3:07] During the beginning stages of wedding planning, how can you protect yourself and prepare for things that could go wrong?

  • [6:23] The role of trust in picking vendors is critical in helping mitigate issues that could arise during planning or on the wedding day

  • [9:13] Aleisha and Emily talk through the major types of unforeseen circumstances that could threaten your wedding 

  • [12:45] The importance of wedding insurance and how it can help protect you in the event that something threatens your plans

  • [19:24] Get the audio version of the Bridechilla Wedding Planning Survival guide on audible

  • [22:10] What are some warning signs that you should look for when hiring vendors

  • [23:33] Vendors and clients should show mutual respect and have definite boundaries

  • [27:27] Emily tells a story about a client who wanted to go against her advice and how she dealt with that.

  • [30:02] What do you do if a vendor cancels? What do you do if you don’t have a wedding planner to help you deal with vendors? 

  • [34:07] If you have a cancelation, utilize the expertise of the other vendors to help find a replacement

  • [35:35] How to deal with unreasonable or misbehaving family members. 

  • [41:02] If you think there might be an issue with a family member, think through it beforehand and how you might deal with it. 

  • [43:03] How to get in touch with Emily Sullivan

Meet This Episode’s Guest

Emily Sullivan is the owner of Emily Sullivan Events in New Orleans, Louisiana. She started planning weddings in 2006 and has become one of the premiere planners in the area. She is committed to evolving with the times, keeping herself and team relevant within the wedding industry. Her experience, expertise, and personality are a perfect combination to help brides and grooms plan the wedding they want while keeping them calm and secure during the process. 

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