394- Q&A – Making Good Wedding Planning Decisions

by Aleisha

Whether it’s trying to find the right dress, book the perfect venue, or plan the most beautiful ceremony, there are a lot of decisions to be made when planning your wedding. Often these decisions can lead to stress and anxiety. It doesn’t have to be this way. The Bridechilla podcast is here to help you stress less and enjoy the process of planning your wedding.
This episode Aleisha answers wedding planning questions about weekday weddings and guests leaving early, rehearsal dinner speeches and when to not invite family members who might be antagonistic or cause trouble on your wedding day.

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How to make a weekday wedding work

Madeline is a fellow Bridechilla and Australian who has a question about her venue. While most weddings are held on the weekend, is it possible to have a weekday wedding? What impact will that have on the guests that you want to come? There are certain advantages both with the venue and with vendors if you book your wedding on a weekday. There are also ways that you can make it a bit easier on your guests while still having the wedding you want. Hear Aleisha’s advice on making the unconventional but potentially beneficial decision of having a weekday wedding.

“I really support you in booking a weekday wedding. I know they are not as convenient as a weekend wedding for guests. However as a couple planning a wedding, and working with vendors, it could be a really good opportunity to score a venue that you really like that’s otherwise not available

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A wedding before the wedding

Tradition is only as good as the people who intend to use it. If particular traditions don’t mean anything to you, then why use them? Bridechilla Katrina and her fiance are nontraditional and want to include that part of their personality in their wedding plans. She asks Aleisha about the idea of eloping prior to the big wedding ceremony. Rather than abandoning the event with their family and guests, they want to have a small private ceremony first. However, that doesn’t necessarily sit well with some family members. Aleisha shares her thoughts on how to best handle this nontraditional approach during this podcast. 

You can have the night off child care regardless of whose kids you are feeding...

What to do with the kids? 

Mariah is engaged to be engaged to her fiance who has kids of his own. During the wedding, she’d prefer not to be at a table with the kids. She doesn’t want to have to parent or have kid-inclusive conversations on a day that is all about her and her fiance. She asks for Aleisha’s opinion on this desire and for advice on how to best accomplish this without upsetting her fiance or other family members. Listen to this episode to hear Aleisha discuss this and other questions from the Bridechilla community.

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Facing feuding family members

The topic of family is one that comes up in almost every Q&A episode that we have on the Bridechilla podcast. Families can be supportive, helpful, and fantastic overall. Or they can be difficult, petty, and a living nightmare. Bridechilla Hannah has two family issues that she is having to deal with while planning her wedding. One involves honoring grandparents, while the other involves feuding brothers. Hear the details of this unique situation and what Aleisha has to say about it on this episode of the Bridechilla podcast. 

Listen to episode 394 of Bridechilla

Show Highlights

  • [0:27] Aleisha introduces this episode of the podcast, which is the ever popular wedding planning Q&A episode.

  • [2:20] Madeline asks about the potential having a Thursday wedding and if people would be inclined to leave the reception early because it’s not on the weekend.

  • [6:18] Aleisha gives practical solutions for how to adjust your wedding plans to maintain the magic and make it more accommodating for guests

  • [8:17] Katrina and her fiance are untraditional and want Aleisha’s thoughts about eloping prior to the big wedding ceremony. 

  • [13:41] Mariah who is engaged to be engaged and asks about seating arrangements and what to do about her husband-to-be’s kids at the wedding.  

  • [22:54] Gina asks for guidance regarding speeches for both the rehearsal dinner and wedding day for their intimate wedding in Greece. 

  • [27:00] Bridechilla Hannah asks questions about dealing with family issues while planning her wedding. She talks about her grandparents and estranged uncles. 

  • [31:33] The wedding is all about you and your comfort level. Aleisha gives advice for dealing with volatile family members. 

  • [33:07] Don’t forget, the Bridechilla pack with the two books that Aleisha has produced is available. 

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