395- Wedding Planning Q&A with Leah Weinberg

by Aleisha

On this episode of the Bridechilla podcast, guest Leah Weinberg, founder of Color Pop Events, joins the show for some wedding planning Q&A. Leah took her expertise and attention to detail as a commercial real estate attorney and turned it into a business planning beautiful, detailed, and stress free weddings for couples in New York. She lends her advice to the Bridechilla Community about how to deal with family members you don’t like, managing the wedding budget, and how to make the last few weeks of planning the wedding stress free.

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How to have the non-traditional wedding of your dreams

Couples often make the mistake of trying to please their family members or friends with their wedding. However, the wedding really is all about them and, as such, should only include what they want. Bridechilla Nat writes in and shares her nontraditional wedding and how going to 22 weddings in 11 years helped her define the type of wedding she wants. If you are wanting something different and non-traditional for your wedding but don’t know how to go about it, be sure to listen to this episode.

You want an olive branch, just go to dinner. Go to the movies. Do something. She doesn’t have to be a bridesmaid in your wedding.

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Don’t let your family hijack your wedding plans

Family members can be a blessing and a curse. While they can be a source of support and encouragement at times, they can also be a major source of stress. How do you deal with family members who have unrealistic expectations or who make ridiculous requests? Bridechilla Emily asks how to deal with her brother who wants her to include his fiance as a bridesmaid. The trouble is that Emily doesn’t even get along with her. Hear Aleisha and Leah’s advice about this issue and much more. 

I hate that the wedding planning process makes people question themselves. In so many ways they question their decisions, their appearance, and sometimes their relationships.

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Planning and sticking to the wedding budget

Whenever there is a bridechilla wedding planning Q&A episode, the topic of budget always seems to come up. How do you set an appropriate budget? How do you stay on budget when planning a wedding? How can you be on the same page with your partner about the budget? These are all very important questions that not only help with wedding planning, but contribute to marital unity in the future. Alexa and her fiance are struggling to agree on the wedding size and budget. Aleisha and Leah offer their encouragement and support as they answer Alexa’s question. 

It’s a lot of money on a one time thing and you want to make sure you are spending it on something you want and that makes you happy

How to make the last week before the wedding stress free

Wedding planning can be quite a long a tedious process. But the payoff is hopefully spectacular, memorable event with loved ones to celebrate your marriage with your partner. When getting down to the last week of planning, it is important to reduce the stress so that you can focus on being in the moment and enjoying the wedding day. During the wedding planning Q&A episode, Aleisha and Leah give advice for how to approach the week before the wedding. Hear that and much more on the Bridechilla podcast. 

I think people may not realize how busy they are going to be that last week. I highly encourage if you are able to take off that whole week from work.

ASMR Wedding Planning 

Leah and Aleisha spoke about ASMR, Autonomous sensory meridian response and whether they found it relaxing. Leah thinks that Aleisha may have a second (or third career as an ASMR voice over person), Aleisha is less convinced. In the show, Aleisha shares a clip by Isabel imagination ASMR, a You-tuber who focuses on creating (very well received) ASMR videos.

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Show Highlights

  • [0:39] Aleisha introduces the episode and special guest Leah Weinberg from Color Pop Events
  • [3:29] Nat has been to 22 weddings in 11 years and describes how just and her fiance are not into a traditional wedding
  • [5:50] Leah talks about how the wedding planning process makes people question themselves and discusses her book that addresses that issue
  • [7:50] Nat shares the ways she is planning an untraditional wedding, rejecting people’s advice or expectations so that she and her fiance can have the wedding they want.
  • [10:17] Emily asks for advice for dealing with her brothers fiance and how to avoid having her as a bridesmaid.
  • [13:18] Recently engaged Alexa asks how to get on the same page with her fiance about the type of wedding and how to utilize their budget. 
  • [17:04] Aleisha warns against the loan sharks who offer loans or credit to pay for a wedding.
  • [23:32] Aleisha and Leah talk about their reaction to ASMR
  • [27:05] Erin asks about how to approach the “homestretch” of planning her wedding.
  • [31:28] How do you stay focused at work when you have a wedding coming up?
  • [35:07] Aleisha and Leah talk about what they pitched to Alt Summit

Meet This Episode’s Guest

Leah Weinberg is the founder of Color Pop Events, a wedding planning business dedicated to bringing dream weddings to life in New York and New Jersey. Leah took her expertise and attention to detail she developed  in commercial real estate law and turned it into planning unforgettable weddings with professionalism and style. Her calm spirit and unflappable demeanor takes the stress out of the wedding so that couples can fully experience their special day together. 

With thanks to our Bridechilla Partners

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