396- Avoiding Wedding Planning Burnout

by Aleisha

This week’s Bridechilla Podcast episode is all about how to avoid wedding planning burnout. We all know what it is like to feel the effects of stress. There is a mental, physical, and emotional toll. Burnout can happen at any stage in life, but wedding planning can be a particularly vulnerable time. Trying to organize and plan an event, the size and scope of which you probably have never done before, while also managing the normal aspects of life is no small task. How can you avoid burnout and enjoy the wedding planning process. Hear some of Aleisha’s tips on this podcast.

There is no right way to do all this stuff.

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It’s all about perspective

There is a lot of pressure to have the most amazing wedding ever. The internet is full of picturesque weddings that look incredible and effortless. Many of those pictures are staged and unrealistic. Wedding planning is highly involved, but it shouldn’t be considered the peak of achievement. It is important to keep the wedding in perspective with all of the other responsibilities and accomplishments in your life. This perspective will help you from being overwhelmed and give you the freedom to plan the kind of wedding you want. 

Even if you are not feeling stressed...it’s also good to just be aware of how you’re feeling and to take a little moment to check in and plan for the future when it may very well happen

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What are the symptoms of burnout

Burnout can sneak up on you if you aren’t paying attention. You can continue to push, trying to manage all of your responsibilities without taking the time to care for yourself. However, if you take a moment and assess, you will notice the symptoms of stress and burnout. Aleisha talks about several symptoms of burnout, including what she calls “stress breath”. Listen to this episode to hear other symptoms and how you can identify them in your life. 

The pros and cons of a wedding planning timeline 

One way to avoid wedding planning burnout is to utilize a wedding planning timeline. They can help you prioritize your tasks and make decisions as needed. However, timelines aren’t perfect. Every wedding is different. Timelines are simply tools to be used, and should be adapted to your unique situation. It is ok if you don’t follow the timeline exactly. Listen to this episode to hear the ways timelines can be both helpful and harmful, and how you can use them in a way that reduces stress during wedding planning. 

With wedding planning, something that a lot of us hasn’t done before, you go through this stage where you are like ‘what now? What do i do?

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Wedding planning limbo

During the wedding planning process, there will be a time when you will start to feel overwhelmed. You will feel like you haven’t done enough, or that you don’t know what to do next. Be encouraged that this feeling is normal. Every couple planning a wedding has experienced this. However, when you reach this wedding planning limbo, don’t give in to the stress. Aleisha gives helpful ideas for what to do when you reach this stage of planning. Listen to hear about that and much more on this episode of the Bridechilla podcast. 

Timelines should be something that are helpful to be able to tick off different tasks but you shouldn’t feel like you have to do something at a certain stage because every event is different.

Listen to the Bridechilla Podcast episode

Show Highlights

  • [0:43] Aleisha introduces this episode’s topic, avoiding wedding planning burnout

  • [3:02] Wedding planning isn’t the peak achievement of life and shouldn’t be treated as such

  • [5:05] Burnout can happen quickly, especially when you are planning a wedding while also trying to balance all of the other commitments and obligations you have in everyday life. 

  • [7:14] Aleisha describes the token symptoms of burnout and how she senses it coming.

  • [11:36] How to effectively use a wedding planning timeline without letting them overwhelm you. 

  • [15:38] Streamlining your wedding planning and completing small tasks can help alleviate stress

  • [21:40] The importance of clarity in avoiding burnout

  • [23:08] The stage of engagement when most couples hit burnout in wedding planning.

  • [25:48] How regular should communication with vendors or coordinator happen?

  • [29:54] The physical symptoms of stress and burnout. 

  • [32:03] Aleisha talks about the new group she has set up for the Bridechilla community called Bosschilla. 

  • [34:00] How to get in touch with Aleisha

For me, one of the big symptoms of burnout is physical, feeling tired, feeling puffy and bloated, feeling vague and reactive

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