399- Bring Your Wedding Venue to Life with Kevin Dennis

by Aleisha

After you’ve made the important decision of where your wedding will be held, then it is time to decide how you can bring your wedding venue to life. What are some ways you can transform your wedding venue? Start by listening to this episode of the Bridechilla podcast with guest Kevin Dennis, owner of Fantasy Sound Event Services in Livermore, California. Kevin has been in the wedding industry for 25 years and has a wealth of experience using sound, video, lighting, and decor to turn boring venues into beautiful and memorable spaces. 

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The more you know up front, the easier the planning process is going to be

Know the rules of your venue

Every venue is unique. Some venues are new and neutral. They provide a blank canvass that you can decorate to create the space of your dreams. Other venues are storied, historic places that don’t need or allow any additions. Every venue has their own set of rules and regulations for how the space can and cannot be used. It is important to know the limitations of the venue before you make decorating and lighting plans. Kevin Dennis shares some of his experiences and gives insight on how to plan for different types of venues.

The other thing that people forget to ask is, how much time do we have for set up?

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Transformation takes time

With the amount of information and images available online, couples could make huge plans for the way they want to decorate their venue. The options are endless with hanging draperies, chandeliers, and other venue-transforming decor. In order to bring your wedding venue to life in the way that you’ve dreamed, it takes time. Knowing how much time you will have to work in the venue prior to the wedding will help keep the choices and plans realistic. Kevin explains that time is one of the greatest limitations for accomplishing the vision. 

People should be mindful of asking the venue this questions before you sign contracts if you have expectations that you want to make changes or hang things up or do anything that might require extra work.

Spruce up your space without spoiling your budget 

Bringing your wedding venue to life doesn’t always require a huge budget. While it can be tempting to go overboard with tons of decorations, there are some cheap, easy, and effective options. One way to spruce up your space on a shoestring budget is through the use of lighting. Kevin explains that many times couples will see an image of a wedding that they like that can be accomplished simply with colored lights. He also discusses the trend of using Edison bulbs in venues. Hear more about how you can use lighting at your wedding venue during this podcast.

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How to find the right vendors to bring your wedding venue to life

Having been in the wedding industry for so long, Kevin Dennis offers his unique advice and experience of not only transforming venues, but also dealing with other vendors. A typical wedding has several vendors, including sound and lighting, florists, food service, and a wedding coordinator as well as a host of others. How can you ensure that vendors are working well with each other to accomplish your vision? And how can you coordinate with each vendor to establish a timeline? Kevin discusses the importance of working with quality vendors and relying on recommendations to hire the right vendors. If you want to bring your wedding venue to life, then be sure to listen to this episode of the Bridechilla podcast. 

If your venue is doing any kind of open house, showcase, vendor fair, any of that kind of stuff that happens in the evening, go. Because you want to see what your venue looks like in the evening, with nothing

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Show Highlights

  • [0:29] Aleisha introduces this episode’s guest, Kevin Dennis, owner of Fantasy Sound Event Services in Livermore, California

  • [3:53] Kevin talks about how he started his business and some of the fun things he sees when doing an event

  • [6:00] How to start thinking about using lighting and decorations to transform your venue

  • [10:07] The importance of knowing how long you have for set up in the venue where your wedding will be held

  • [13:25] Some venues have limitations on what you can or cannot do. Couples should find out those rules beforehand

  • [19:53] How Kevin works with wedding coordinators and couples to establish the wedding timeline

  • [23:12] Lighting can be a great, inexpensive way to change the look of your venue

  • [25:50] Edison bulbs are a trendy lighting solution that offer a varied, antique look in a wedding venue

  • [29:11] The difference having a quality sound system at your event can make

  • [35:14] If you are using a band, be sure to get the rider so you know their requirements

  • [36:37] Testimonial and recommendations are a great way to connect with quality vendors

  • [38:17] Some venues have requirements for vendors that should be considered when booking a venue

Kevin Dennis- Fantasy Sound Event Services

Kevin Dennis is the editor of WeddingIQ and the owner of Fantasy Sound Event Services, a full-service event company based in Livermore, California. Dennis is the past president for Silicon Valley NACE, and current international president for WIPA.

Connect with Fantasy Sound:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/fantasysoundInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/fseseventsTwitter:https://twitter.com/fantasysound

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