402- Things Everyone Forgets to Plan for On Their Wedding Day

by Aleisha

Are you afraid there might be something you are forgetting while planning your wedding? This episode of the Bridechilla podcast is for you. Even if you think you have everything taken care of, be sure to listen as Renee Dalo, CEO and Lead Planner of Moxie Bright Events, joins the show to talk about things everyone forgets to plan. Renee has been planning weddings professionally for over twelve years. She has seen a lot over that time and has not only great advice but also some funny stories that will help you consider things you may not have thought of while planning your wedding.

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Make the most of the morning

The morning of the wedding can either be crazy and stressful or it can be peaceful and relaxing. The difference is all in how you plan the morning. Renee says that many couples fail to consider the rhythm of the morning, leaving too much opportunity for things to go haywire. She shares her own wedding morning experience that didn’t go as she had hoped. If you want to make the most of the morning of your wedding, be sure to listen to this podcast to get some ideas for how you can plan and ensure you enjoy your day. 

If you are taking some sort of public transportation, which is what I consider Uber or Lift, maybe don’t wear your wedding gown if you can help it. Maybe put that bad boy in a garment bag and carry it.

Communicate clearly to the wedding party

One of the things that everyone forgets to plan is where their wedding party will be getting ready for the ceremony. Often, couples fail to communicate clearly to the wedding party. Renee encourages couples to visit the place where their bridesmaids or groomsmen will prepare for the wedding to make sure it has adequate space and lighting. She also suggests that clear instructions be given to everyone prior to the wedding day so that the wedding party arrives and gets ready on time. 

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Whatever you normally need to make your day successful, make sure you are still doing that on your wedding day. You are not a different person on your wedding day.

Do you need a ride?

Transportation is not something you want to have to worry about on the day of your wedding. You may need a ride from the hotel to the wedding venue, or from the wedding venue to the reception location. And at the end of the night, how are you getting back to your hotel? Planning transportation is another thing everyone forgets to plan that Renee highlights during this episode. Listen as she shares helpful tips for using public transportation and ways to save money when planning transportation.

End of the night planning with your partner

During this episode, Renee discusses several other things everyone forgets to plan for their wedding day. She talks about the risk of drinking too much before the wedding, what to do with your purse or wallet, and making sure every vendor is paid before the end of the night. She and Aleisha also talk about planning what will happen after the wedding with your partner. Setting appropriate expectations for the end of the night will help avoid any hurt feelings or frustration. Listen to this episode of the Bridechilla Podcast to hear all about this and much more.

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I think not only just knowing logistically how you are getting somewhere but what your intention for the end of the night is and communicating that is important.

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Show Highlights

  • [0:40] Aleisha introduces Renee Dalo, CEO and Lead Planner of Moxie Bright Events and host of two podcasts 
  • [2:17] Aleisha and Renee talk about the two podcasts that Renee produces
  • [5:45] The focus of today’s episode are the things that people forget to think about when planning their wedding
  • [7:22] How are you going to intentionally create the morning you want to have on your wedding day?
  • [8:52] Renee shares about how her wedding morning started off in an unexpected way
  • [11:08] Know where everyone is going to get ready and that it is communicated to your wedding party
  • [13:07] What are some things that you should look for when considering where you will be getting ready? 
  • [14:21] What are you going to eat for breakfast?
  • [16:58] Renee tells the story of her experience with calming lozenges on her wedding day
  • [21:51] How are you getting to your ceremony or reception?
  • [27:02] What do you do with your purse or wallet on the wedding day? 
  • [28:45] Who still needs to be paid on the day, if anyone?
  • [32:34] At the end of the evening or wedding, how do you handle the items that need to be taken from the venue?
  • [35:20] How are you planning on getting home?
  • [38:46] The truth about wedding night sex and communicating expectations of how the wedding night will end
  • [44:47] How Bridechillas can get in touch with Renee

Meet This Episode’s Guest

Renee Dalo is the CEO and Lead Planner of Moxie Bright Events, a boutique wedding planning company based in Los Angeles. Renee turned her background of professional theater and fine dinning into a career of planning fun and elegant events that focus on personalization and intention. Renee is also the producer of two podcasts, Rock Your Wedding Biz and Talk with Renee Dalo. On this episode Renee uses her experiences as a wedding planner and a bride to talk about the things that everyone forgets to plan for their wedding day.  

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