403- Honeymoon Planning and Travel Q&A with Irina Vishnevskaya

by Aleisha

What’s more exciting that planning a wedding? Planning a honeymoon! But just like wedding planning, deciding where to go and what to do on your honeymoon can be challenging. On this week’s Bridechilla podcast, guest Irina Vishnevskaya joins Aleisha for a honeymoon planning and travel Q&A episode. Irina is the founder of Allé Travel, a travel planning business that specializes in creating one-of-kind experiences for adventurers. During this episode she answers questions about booking excursions on a honeymoon, traveling during the winter, and the importance of travel insurance. 

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It takes a really, really shit situation to stress me out honestly at this point. It’s like ‘We can fix that’. Where that’s really stressful if it’s your first time dealing with that and it’s your honeymoon.

How to avoid over-planning your honeymoon

When planning a trip, it is important for you and your partner to consider the type of experience you want. Do you want to see and do as much as possible and make the trip an adventure, or are you looking for a more relaxing and restful getaway? Knowing the goal of the experience will help you decide what type of excursions you might plan at your destination. Irina encourages couples not to over-plan their honeymoon. She gives alternatives for making your trip special even if you aren’t looking to be on the go the entire time.

Even if you are delaying, try to do it within a year of your wedding. To me a year, you are still in that post-wedding vibe.

Delay the honeymoon, not the romance

Honeymoons can be expensive and often require time away from work and other responsibilities. Many couples choose to delay their honeymoon for weeks or months after the wedding. If you are delaying your honeymoon, how can you still make your trip feel as special as a traditional honeymoon? There are several tips that Irina shares during the podcast that can help you create a memorable experience regardless of timing. Listen to this episode to hear those ideas and much more on the Bridechilla podcast. 

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When should you purchase travel insurance?

Once you’ve decided on a honeymoon destination and you’re ready to book, it’s time to consider travel insurance. Should you always get travel insurance? What circumstances might you not need it? What kind and how much insurance should you purchase? The different options available can be confusing. However, during this episode, Irina clarifies the different types of travel insurance and what kind of coverage you should be prepared to buy so that you have full confidence while on your trip. 

Don’t force yourself to do something just because it’s your honeymoon and that’s what people say you should be doing.

Travel planners v. travel agents

A common misconception is that travel agents and travel planners are the same. As a travel planner Irina understands the differences between to two. The type of trip and the needs of the person or couple will determine which of the two they should use. Irina explains the differences in the training they have and the services they offer and explains how to decide which you might need. Aleisha and Irina also discuss several other Bridechilla community questions on this honeymoon planning and travel Q&A episode of the Bridechilla podcast. 

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Listen to the episode

Show Highlights

  • [0:41] Aleisha introduces this week’s show, which is all about answering Honeymoon and holiday/vacation questions

  • [1:15] Guest Irina Vishnevskaya, founder of Allé, shares how she got into the travel business

  • [4:23] How Irina separates professional planning for other from her own vacations and travels

  • [7:28] Is it better to book excursions before you go or when you get to your destination? 

  • [11:19] How do you make a trip feel like a honeymoon when you are taking it several months (or longer) after the wedding?

  • [14:48] How talking about your wedding can make your honeymoon trip even more special, even if it is delayed

  • [16:10] What are some winter destination options for a honeymoon?

  • [20:29] Aleisha and Irina discuss their experiences in Iceland and the opportunity for travel Iceland offers

  • [23:06] Is travel insurance worth it? Is it something you really need to purchase?

  • [29:50] Bridechilla Mia mentions that, with certain airlines recently going under, travlers should be aware of what your travel insurance covers

  • [42:56] What are the benefits of using a travel planner when booking a honeymoon? Irinia also explains the difference between travel agents and travel planners

  • [51:30] A travel planner can remove the stress from planning so that you can enjoy and have peace of mind 

  • [54:34] What is the best way to book a trip where you can experience different customs and cultures

  • [57:04] How to connect with Irinia Vishnevskaya and Allé travel

Meet This Episode’s Guest

Irina Vishnevskaya is the founder of Allé travel, a travel planning company based in Brooklyn, New York. Allé specializes in planning one-of-a-kind adventures for travelers. Their goal is to make it easier for people to travel and experience something exciting and unique. Allé pairs customers with a travel planner that handles every detail of the trip which allows them to relax and enjoy without the stress of planning. Irina join today’s show to answer Bridechilla Community questions about planning their honeymoon and/or vacations. 

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