406- Enjoy Your Wedding Planning: Q&A Episode

by Aleisha

You can enjoy your wedding planning. And the Bridechilla podcast is here to help. Rather than being worried or stressed out, you can find support and encouragement from brides and couples who have many of the same questions as you. On this episode, Aleisha shares voicemails from other Bridechillas planning their weddings. She addresses how to handle an unwanted tradition, giving your wedding guests guidance about their attire, and how to maintain the joy of planning even when you are around a bunch of Debbie-downers. 

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Know your tradition’s history

Many wedding traditions have specific histories behind them. Though many couples continue to implement these traditions, they don’t often have the same significance in modern culture. One tradition that Bridechilla Mel is not comfortable with is the father giving away the bride. However, Mel’s Father is really excited about giving his daughter away. How can she compromise so that her father is happy without her feeling like a piece of property being exchanged in a business transaction? Hear Aleisha encourage Bridechillas to research the history of traditions and then decide if it is something they want to include in their ceremony.  

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Give your guests some guidance

Bliss and her partner have worked together to determine the kind of wedding they both want. Though they have different personalities and backgrounds, they decided to have a small destination wedding. Bliss is particularly excited about her color palette. She wants to know how she can tell her wedding guests so they can match the color pallette. Aleisha shares ways to tactfully give your wedding guests guidance so that everyone’s expectations are aligned. 

As a guest, for me, I really appreciate some guidance of the tone and theme of what to wear

How to connect your friends at the wedding

Through the different phases of life, you meet people who have an impact. When planning your wedding, you want to include those people in your special day. However, not all of the people that you know may have met each other. How can you help your wedding party get to know each other quickly so that the wedding weekend isn’t awkward? By taking a few strategic steps, you can ease the discomfort and break the ice so that everyone has a great time and you have a special wedding with all of your friends. 

If you are considering the use of traditions in your wedding, I think it is very important to learn a little bit about the history and what they represent.

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I truly believe that if these people are important in your life, and you in theirs, that when they come together they will be interested in learning about the other people in your life

Don’t feel bad about enjoying your wedding planning

Bridechilla Cami has started planning her wedding with her partner even though they aren’t officially engaged. They are looking forward to a multi-day wedding that will celebrate their families diverse cultures. However, because the engagement has been delayed, Cami feels like people judge her when she tries to discuss her wedding plans. How can she still feel excited about her wedding when everyone else doesn’t seem to be? Aleisha gives great advice for enjoying your wedding planning even when others want to rain on your parade. 

Show Highlights

  • [0:40] Aleisha introduces the podcast which is a Q&A episode all about wedding planning

  • [2:53] Bridechilla Mel asks about the tradition of the Father giving away the bride and how to compromise with her Father

  • [5:48] Aleisha addresses Mel’s question and talks about the history of that specific tradition

  • [9:18] Bliss and her partner are having a small intimate wedding with an understated color pallette and wants to know if she can provide a dress code for her guests?

  • [12:13] How to tactfully give your attendees some direction for your wedding

  • [15:59] Visit the bridechillastore.com to get the wedding planning guides published by Aleisha and Rich

  • [16:33] How to help the bridal party get to know each other since none of them have already met

  • [19:03] Plan strategic ways to help your bridesmaids get to know each other

  • [22:57] Bridechilla Cami wants to know how to be excited about planning her wedding without feeling bad about not being officially engaged. 

  • [25:55] If you feel unsupported in your planning, join the bridechilla community and receive encouragement and support.

  • [28:49] How to get in touch with Aliesha via social media

Listen to the episode

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