409- How to be More ‘Chilla Q&A

by Aleisha

This episode of the Bridechilla podcast is a Q&A episode dedicated to helping you learn how to be more ‘chilla while planning your wedding. You shouldn’t have to deal with wedstress when you are getting married. You are planning a love party. It should be enjoyable. On this podcast, Aleisha answers questions from the Bridechilla community so that you can be more confident, experience less stress, and have more fun during the wedding planning process. She addresses questions about the wedding video, what to do with children at a wedding, and how to make the most of your honeymoon.

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How to get the best wedding video

It is important to consider how you will capture your wedding day so that you can revisit the experience years later. Many couples not only hire photographers, but also videographers to take and edit video of their wedding day. There are many options for video at varying price points. Bridcehilla Nina is using a service that allows you to use their cameras to create your own home videos. Aleisha discusses the pros and cons of different service levels, and reminds Bridechillas that video is a valuable investment that requires skill. 

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Looking at kids, I think you need to think about the comfort of other guests as well as the children. Separating kids from their parents and letting them go feral at a kids table can be great, but they are going to need some sort of parental responsibility

What to do with children at your wedding

Depending on your feelings, children can either be a great addition or an unwelcome nuisance at a wedding. It is important to consider your expectations for children at your wedding and then plan and communicate accordingly. Bridechilla Amy and her fiance have a large family with lots of children that will be attending their wedding. She asks whether she should have the children at her wedding sit at their own table, or should they stay with their parents. 

Sometimes it is good to talk to a third party, for them to listen to the pros and cons, and go ‘Oh, well this feels obvious to me.

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Confidently communicate your expectations

Bridechilla Liz and her fiancé are having a disagreement about getting a puppy. After listening to a prior episode of the podcast, Liz feels more empowered to be assertive and communicate her wishes. Aleisha reiterates the importance of utilizing the phrase, “That’s not going to work for me.” Being confident and making your expectations known isn’t a bad thing. It is a key to being happy in wedding planning and in life. 

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Have a more ‘Chilla honeymoon

Part of the wedding planning process includes planning a honeymoon. How can you be more ‘Chilla when planning a big trip following your wedding celebration? Air travel, hotel reservations, and destination planning can be an added stress. Following the wedding, you want to be sure to enjoy quality time with your partner. Aleisha discusses how to balance time during the honeymoon so that is enjoyable and stress free. 

Show Highlights

  • [1:32] Aleisha talks about the pros and cons of having a third party speak into problems and issues in life

  • [4:18] Bridechilla Nina is getting married in a year and asks about how to handle shooting a home video at their wedding

  • [6:59]  Aleisha explains the value of wedding videography relative to the desired product and how to assign responsibilities to your family and friends

  • [11:57] Consider how you will handle the editing of your wedding video

  • [14:23] Bridechilla Amy asks for advice about how to handle children at her wedding

  • [16:54] Aleisha discusses whether you should leave kids with their parents or have a separate space just for kids

  • [20:18] Aleisha shares three steps for being more ‘chilla

  • [22:23] Liz called with feedback about being assertive with her fiance

  • [24:22] How “That’s not gonna work for me.” is a great phrase to use in wedding planning and in life

  • [27:23] How to balance alone time while visiting family in another country on your honeymoon

  • [28:40] Remember to plan days off to have quality time alone on your honeymoon as well as booking excursions or time to visit family

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