411- Keeping Chilla During Times of Crisis

by Aleisha

We find ourselves globally in a time of crisis, economically, health-wise and dealing with anxiety and the unknowingness of what is around the corner. In this special episode of Bridechilla, I welcome wedding planner, Leah Weinberg from Color Pop Events to talk about what to do if your wedding plans have been affected by COVID-19 and how to emotionally and logistically plan ahead. We keep it light and informative and hope that is a helpful episode for all.

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Meditation Apps

I have found meditation hugely helpful during times of overwhelm and personal crisis. I use the Headspace app (Get 14 days of Headspace Plus free) and Leah is a fan of Calm. There are also a bunch of free guided meditations on youtube that are a great introduction to visualisation, breathing and finding a moment of stillness both physically and in your mind. 

Feeling anxious or worried? Make sure you share

This situation isn’t something that any of us have lived through before and it is normal to have feelings of worry and anxiousness when it comes to COVID-19 and how it impacts your life (and wedding plans). Like Leah explains in the podcast, it’s ok to feel disappointed or angry that your plans have possibly been disrupted or that you may have to cancel or reschedule your wedding celebrations. It’s important to be able to speak about how you feel. I know it helps me clear some of the symptoms of anxiety when I call a friend, someone that I feel comfortable being open and honest about how I am feeling.I have also been speaking to my lovely counsellor Cindi via Betterhelp.com, where we meet via video chat once per week and check-in using their text service almost daily. If you are new to counselling or are looking for someone to speak to during this time, I would highly recommend exploring your options using betterhelp.com/bridechilla (they are a sponsor of the Bridechilla Podcast but I have not been compensated for this recommendation…I truly just dig what they do! However if you use the Bridechilla link, you will receive 10% off your first month.

Coronavirus II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Meet Leah Weinberg, Color Pop Events

Leah Weinberg is the Owner & Creative Director of Color Pop Events — a New York City-based wedding planning company that lives in the logistics, providing an unmatched focus on event details for clients.  Celebrating six years of business, Leah continues to leverage the organization skills, calm communication style, and ability to multi-task she initially developed as a commercial real estate lawyer in her previous career. Her colorful work and party planning tips have been published online and in print with Vogue, the New York Times, Bravo, Martha Stewart, and The Knot, among others. More recently, Leah was named a 20 on the Rise winner by Honeybook and the Rising Tide Society. Special Events Magazine also recognized Leah as one of the 25 Young Event Pros to Watch in the event industry.A 2020 WeddingPro Educator with The Knot + WeddingWire, Leah travels through North America sharing insight with her peers regionally, as well as at national conferences such as ALT Summit, NACE Experience, and The Special Event.

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