So long, farewell… for now!

by Aleisha

It’s been a significant year to say the least and I made the decision early in 2020 that I wouldn’t be producing new episodes of the Bridechilla Podcast. I have received some fabulous emails and messages asking when I would be creating new content but 400 + episodes available, I feel that I have perhaps given all that I can to the world of weddings (at least for now). I’m back in Australia and enjoying life with my family and friends. It’s great to be home!

The Bridechilla Podcast will live on with the back catalogue always available for you to listen to and the Bridechilla Guides are still available for you to purchase. I want to thank all of my listeners and supporters over the years. It’s been so much fun but life moves on and I am excited to work on my next project, whatever that may be!
I wish you happiness and health and of course HAPPY DAYS!
Aleisha x

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