The Bridechilla
Wedding Planning Survival Guide

Get organized like a boss and stay focused on what matters most!

How to plan the wedding you want, ditch wedstress and get sh*t done, helping you navigate through the complicated stuff like...

  • Managing family dynamics, money and uninvited +1s
  • Celebrating that you are unique and your wedding should be too!
  • Encourages you to use the Bridechilla secret weapon, The Fuck It Bucket, which we promise will change your wedding planning game
  • LGBTQ+ Friendly- inclusive for all couples! 
  • Help you prioritize what you want vs what Pinterest, your parents and wedding magazines say you need

This book has helped us steer through the financial woes, compromises and how to deal with arguing with my mom! I'm such a huge fan of these books, this community and the chillas that come along with it. This process has been so enjoyable that I'm almost upset about ‚'graduating' 

 I love having a hard copy of all the advice and ideas shared on the podcast- I have been scribbling ideas in the margins everyday!
The book has also lead to many valuable conversations between my fiance
and I about what we want from our marriage and wedding.  

Ditch wedstress, get organized and focus on what matters the most

Cookie Cutter Guides are for Cookie Cutter Brides. That's not you!

The Bridechilla Field Guide is the fill-out-able must-have for modern couples who want to organize like a boss and stay focused on what matters most!
Plan your wedding with Bridechilla.

Meet the Bridechilla Guides, the winning wedding planning trio!

Bridechilla Survival Guide

The Bridechilla Survival Guide covers the entire wedding planning process, from wedding donors,  parents who give you money, to ditching obligation guests and what to put in the fuck it bucket.

Bridechilla Field Guide

With hundreds of helpful questions to ask vendors, checklists and timelines, The Bridechilla Field Guide will help you stay organised, know what to do and when and maintain your wedding planning chill. 

Maidchilla Manual- Bridesmaid Guide

The Maidchilla Manual is the ultimate Bridesmaid guide filled with checklists and timelines, party inspiration and friendship pep talks.

Give the gift of Maidchilla by helping them help you!

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