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006: Wedding Q&A Ring angst & Flower Free Weddings

What fun it was putting together this weeks bonus episode! Thanks again to Belle, Peggy and Mel for their questions! If you have a question that you would like one of my upcoming guests to answer (or me) please Email me, I LOVED doing this ep!) Listen to the Episode Costco is not only a […]

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005: Meet the Wedding Blogger: London Bride aka Charley Beard

For me, wedding bloggers are a new breed of internet celebrity. For many people who are planning their wedding, they are mentors and advisors that they’ll never meet but have shaped their big day like a wedding planner would. So as well as bringing you interviews on wedding planning topics and themes, I thought it […]

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004: Four ways to SAVE: Budget Wedding Planning tips

 Budget weddings. Who am I to say what a ‘budget’ wedding really is. It’s all relative, although I would question anyone who wouldn’t want to save a little money when planning a wedding… even if it’s merely to spend the money saved elsewhere. Everyone’s idea of what makes their day special is different…although I’m hoping […]

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003- How To Have a Luxury Wedding On Any Budget

  I brushed my hair, put on my fancy pants and took myself off to The Savoy Hotel in London to meet Bruce Russell, their resident Wedding Expert and creator of The Bridal Room. Bruce was a delight, He’s passionate about the industry and gave advice that was relevant to couples of any budget… Sure Bruce […]

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002-Pinterest: The Secret Wedding Planning Tool

There’s a secret, free wedding planning tool that lots of brides and grooms are using… but are they using it to their advantage to get bang for their wedding budget buck? 
I’m talking about Pinterest. With a little bit of tweaking, Pinterest can not only be your online wedding planning scrapbook, it can be a […]

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Who is Aleisha McCormack (and why a wedding podcast?)

So who is Aleisha McCormack and why is she talking about weddings? Good question. Thanks for asking. Well to be honest I answer that question in the very first episode of The Save The Date Wedding Podcast, so if you are a lazy reader or just prefer me to tell you in my own voice, […]

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