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8 Tips for Buying a Vintage Engagement Ring

8 Tips for Buying a Vintage Engagement RingBuying jewelry at a pawn shop can be a scavenger hunt. Just like shopping at any secondhand or thrift-type store, the inventory is ever-changing and you never know what you might find. That’s the double-edged sword of jewelry shopping at estate sales, pawn shops, and the like. If you have […]

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Jessica + Will’s Laid Back, Sunflower Wedding in Chatanooga

Bridechilla Graduate, Jessica & Will share their sunny, casual sunflower wedding day in Chatanooga, TN full of sweet, personal details and the ultimate Chilla vibes!Tell us a little about you and your partner!Jessica: Our first date was at the park – Will brought his dog Benson! Benson fell asleep in my arms and I knew […]

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350-How to be a Rock n Roll Bride with Kat Williams

How to be a Rock n Roll Bride with Kat WilliamsDo you consider yourself to be a rock n roll bride? Or would you like to be a rock n roll bride? Then today’s Bridechilla podcast is for you. Kat Williams, author, and creator of the Rock n Roll Bride blog returns to the Bridechilla Podcast to discuss her […]

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Wedding Rules for Sensitive Skin

Wedding Rules for Sensitive SkinSarah Brown is the founder of Pai Skincare. Entrepreneur, mum and sensitive-skinned soul. She is our Bridechilla podcast guest on Episode 349. Listen to the episode​​The last anti-histamine tablet I ever took was on my wedding day almost 8 years ago. I was totally paranoid I was going to start itching uncontrollably in […]

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349- Debunking Skin Care Myths

busting common skin care mythsOn this episode of the Bridechilla Podcast, guest Sarah Brown joins Aleisha to debunk skin care myths. Everyday we are inundated with images and advertising about beauty and skin care. These messages can be confusing and sometimes absolutely wrong. As the founder of Pai Skin care, Sarah has insight and expertise […]

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