The Bridechilla Wedding Planning Guides

No promises of perfection, just how to get wedding stuff done and keep your chill





Why Two Guides?

The Bridechilla Survival Guide gives you ALL the help you need to plan the wedding you want. 
It's a manual on how not to lose your shit and guides you through all stages of the planning process.

The Bridechilla Field Guide will keep you on track and organized. It's fill-out-able and easy to take with you to all important appointments and contains all of the questions and checklists you need to stay sane and get shit done!

Use them together, or on their own! Whatever works for you.

The Bridechilla Survival Guide

Whoever says wedding planning is easy, has never planned a wedding. The Bridechilla Survival Guide banishes the bullsh*t and features real advice for real people on real budgets.
From dealing with wedding donors, parents who give you money, to ditching obligation guests and meaningless details (so long garters and f*ck chair covers), The Bridechilla Survival Guide will free you of wedstress and the quest for perfection, which btw doesn’t exist!

The Bridechilla Survival Guide empowers you to work as a team to create a wedding (and marriage) that goes the distance. It’s optimistic, ballsy and fun and will help you get organized like a boss and stay focused on what matters most.

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The Bridechilla Field Guide

The Bridechilla Field Guide contains all the lists, questions to ask vendors and logistical details you need to plan your wedding without losing your chill. Take the Field Guide with you wherever you go and keep track of all your plans and wedding details in one place. It’s bullsh*t free, useful and fun.

A companion to the Bridechilla Survival Guide and hit wedding planning podcast Bridechilla, the Bridechilla Field Guide is a fill-out-able must-have for modern couples who want to organize like a boss and stay focused on what matters most.

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