Hello Bridechilla Podcast

by Aleisha
Hello Bridechilla Podcast

It’s time to ditch wedding stress.

Life’s too short to be worrying about wedding favors, obligation guests and bridesmaid dramas. Listen to the Bridechilla Podcast, take control and enjoy wedding planning!

Why Bridechilla?

The Bridechilla Podcast is a top-rated wedding planning podcast, and community brought to life by author and comedian Aleisha McCormack.

  • Bridechilla gives you practical guidance and support to help you plan a meaningful wedding celebration! 
  • 370+ free episodes to download and listen to now. New shows every monday, including regular listener Q&A episodes.
  • Covering everything from planning timelines to mental health, family dynamics to body image, Bridechilla is bullshit-free and keeps it real.

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Bridechilla absolutely helped me put everything into perspective. Big bridal makes you feel as if you don’t follow every idea that they put forward, your wedding won’t be successful.

The Bridechilla community brought me to peace and helped me to make my own decisions regarding my wedding. It was so liberating! 

Jenna Baranek

Bridechilla Graduate

Aleisha, I cannot thank you enough for creating such a wonderful podcast, blog, community, book, etc!  The first podcast I listened to was the FIB and honestly it REVOLUTIONIZED my mindset in the last 2 months or so before the wedding.  I had nervous/excited energy throughout the day but never felt stressed & attribute a lot of my chill to the chilla mindset.

Jill Heikel

Bridechilla Graduate

Ditch wedding stress and plan the wedding you want.

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