Hello Bridechilla

by Aleisha
Hello Bridechilla


Being a Bridechilla is about staying present and positivewhile saying fuck it to the shouldas, couldas and wouldas.

Fast track your quest for stress free wedding planning with the Bridechilla starter pack.

Bridechilla Founder Aleisha shares some of the best tips and shortcuts to easy wedding planning that she has learned hosting the hit Podcast, Bridechilla

Talk the Talk with The Bridechilla Glossary


The feeling of overwhelm that is sometimes connected to wedding planning. Feeling like your to do list will never end. You often find yourself packing a ‘go bag’ in hope that you and your partner will elope instead of having to plan a wedding.


Ugly chair condoms that are often made out of shiny lycra and may or may not also feature a large bow.

Bridechilla believes they are a waste of money and belong in the trash.  Fuck Chair covers is hard often on The Bridechilla Podcast.


People who you think you should invite to your wedding but don’t want to invite but feel pressure to do so anyway. These people include, work friends, parent’s friends, distant relatives and people you invited when you were drunk.


Where you put traditions, wedding tasks, pressure and unfinished DIY projects that you thought were important but are actually not. Throwing these things in the fuck it bucket is both empowering and fun. Try it. You’ll never look back.


Parents, friends and relatives who have offered to contribute financially to your wedding, which is nice but these contributions can be used as a way to guilt and persuade you to plan the wedding that they think you should have. Aleisha calls this ‘conditional generosity’.


What you will become when you join the Bridechilla Community, listen to the Bridechilla Podcast and read the Bridechilla Guides.  A Chilla ditches wedstress in the fuck it bucket and focuses on what matters the most!

These 6 episodes of The Bridechilla Podcast, will put you in Chilla mode

Episode 286- The Fuck It Bucket 

The most listened to episode of Bridechilla. Start with the fuck it bucket..it’s where you put all of the jobs and things and things to buy you thought you would get around to doing before your wedding but have run out of time or care.

Episode 281- Ditching Wedding Stress and Anxiety with Dr Lindsay Bira

Pre-existing depression, anxiety, and stress don’t just stop because you are engaged. We are so often told that we should just cheer up or that ‘you’’ be fine on the day’ when it comes to anxiety. and a surprising amount of Bridechillas feel experience anxiety and stress due to wedding planning. My returning guest, Dr Lindsay Bira is a clinical health psychologist functioning as a therapist, consultant and speaker in San Antonio, TX.

We hope to reduce stigma related to mental illness and mental health treatments.

Episode 307-Using Pinterest effectively to design your wedding

If you are suffering from Pinterest and inspiration overwhelm, then this episode of The Bridechilla podcast might help you find clarity and ways to focus on using Pinterest to your advantage. Honing in on colors, textures and aesthetic details are can help you develop your own vision for your wedding. I am joined by designer Michelle Edgemont who shares her easy to follow technique to pin like crazy and then really focus on what you actually want, not just pinning thousands of images that confuse you.

Episode 172- The Guest List & RSVPs

When you’re planning a wedding, creating a guest list, who to send those magic wedding invitations to, should be discussed early and discussed often.Today obligation wedding guests (and how to ditch them). I give easy, clear cut solutions to prevent family wars, relationship breakdowns and how to adhere to basic manners and etiquette without inviting the whole neighbourhood to your wedding day.

Episode 299- Stop saying yes to Sh*t you hate with Talia Pollock

I share a fabulous conversation with fellow stand up comedian, Bridechilla and Podcaster Talia Pollock. We share our tips for giving yourself permission to be different and not follow the crowd, an area that I know can be challenging in all facets of our lives, not just weddings. Talia is a total Bridechilla, she even asked her best friend to ‘not be her bridesmaid’ and is including her love of healthy food in her wedding, even though some of her guests are bitching about wanting a steak.

Episode 315- Keeping the Love Alive

Shawn and Erica Miller from Young Hip and Married back on the Bridechilla podcast to share more valuable advice and inspiration for keeping your relationship healthy and moving in the right direction. We talk about the concept of love given without attachment, realizing that a successful relationship is all about giving and taking and that weathering the seasons of life and working together is all part of the deal and something we should all prepare for. Put the aesthetics of the wedding planning process aside for 30 minutes and take some time for you and your fellow weirdo. This is a must listen!

I’m Aleisha, I Help Make Wedding Planning Easy

Whoever says that wedding planning is easy, has never planned a wedding. Bridechilla is about banishing the bullshit and features real advice, for real people, on real budgets.There are no promises of perfection and having the ‘best day of your life’ just solid information that will free you from wedstress and will help you get organized like a boss and focus on what matters the most. I release a new episode of the Bridechilla Podcast each week, which is packed full of valuable wedding planning help and features interviews and advice from wedding experts, planners and Bridechillas from all over the world. Get your Bridechilla on, subscribe to the show, join the Facebook community and start planning.

Fast track your quest for stress free wedding planning with the Bridechilla starter pack.

Bridechilla Founder Aleisha shares some of the best tips and shortcuts to easy wedding planning that she has learned hosting the hit Podcast, Bridechilla