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Plain With Sprinkles Events

Plain With Sprinkles Events

Seriously. I’m on your team I won’t push anyone to do anything that they don’t want to do for their wedding or event. I’m giving you permission right now to ditch things that aren’t important to you whether it’s flowers, the bouquet toss, or cake.

You wouldn’t be here unless you think you may need help with your event. I’m not going to sell you a service that you wouldn’t need. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or business conference – You will need direction and help especially on the day!

I support all love. Love is important. I even have a tattoo that represents unconditional love – It is the reason I am a sane human being. I’m an Ally for love.

Phone Number: 828-649-5233
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  • Plain With Sprinkles Events
  • Plain With Sprinkles Events
  • Plain With Sprinkles Events
  • Plain With Sprinkles Events
  • Plain With Sprinkles Events
  • Plain With Sprinkles Events


Erin and Sierra are AMAZING! And also super cool, like I want to hang out with them just because. Leading up to the wedding, Erin was on the ball, always available to chat, checked in on how I was feeling, and had great ideas/recommendations. She also has these very handy/easy to digest timeline documents, seating arrangements, etc. On the wedding day, these two ladies went above and beyond, from running out and getting a guestbook that I forgot to purchase, giving me deodorant after getting my groove on on the dance floor, working things out with the band, to dropping off my bouquet as well as food & cake (that we didn't get a chance to eat) to our hotel room — I can't thank them enough. I had the BEST time at my wedding and I owe my stress-free day to them!
Haylie | August 5, 2019
Our wedding meant a great deal to us and we had to plan it from afar, so we knew whomever we hired to coordinate it would have to be excellent. But then a perfect storm of work/moving/family emergency hit us. We worried that our wedding would not be the exceptional experience that our Type A personalities hoped for. But Erin and her team stepped up an exceeded our expectations. Erin's combination of organization + taste level + dedication is a rare find. Plus she is a joy to be around. We cannot recommend PWS enough.
organization + taste level + dedication | June 18, 2019
Erin and her team are beyond amazing. She helped make our wedding unique, fun and stress-free. I never thought we were the type of couple that needed a wedding planner but when we saw how many details we needed to figure out and with our wedding being 2 hours away in Asheville, Erin was the perfect partner. I'm proud to say that she has become a good friend throughout the process and we can't thank her enough for her patience, guidance and adorableness. If you think you don't need a wedding planner, do you. You need Erin.
Mary Gross | May 2, 2019
Hiring a coordinator was one of the hardest decisions we made while wedding planning – but one phone call with Erin (after MANY other calls with others) and I basically hired her on the spot. She managed to be both an excited and calm force through the last month of our planning, and I felt better every time I got off the phone with her! THANK YOU so much to Erin and team for all of the hard work put in during the actual weekend – it was a beautiful day full of love and happiness! Hiring Erin was truly the best decision we made while planning and I would do it again in a heartbeat (minus the wedding part, we're done with that!)
Sunni Love | April 29, 2019
Erin and Sierra went above and beyond to ease our nerves every step of the way! We felt at ease by their honesty and professionalism and were impressed with their knowledge and attention to detail across the board with all our vendors. (Erin even knew exactly which type of fern we needed to fit the space!) When it came to our wedding day, we felt taken care of and it was even more perfect and beautiful than we thought it would be.
Hannah Sloan | March 17, 2019
Erin was indispensable in planning our wedding back in October. I was apprehensive about hiring a planner because our main goal for the wedding was that it felt "like us" and not like it was following a wedding formula. My husband and I are both pretty apathetic about weddings in general, and just knew we wanted a great party with no idea how to make that happen. Erin immediately picked up on the vibe we were going for and rolled with it. Aside from keeping us on top of all the practical stuff that we absolutely would have forgotten to do on our own, she was also able to talk my very anxious mother off a few ledges, which is a mighty feat. I really think that without Erin we would have just given up and eloped, but I'm so glad we didn't. Thank you, Erin!
Lily W. | January 8, 2019
WOW! What a pleasure Erin was to work with. She made me feel at ease and made all my ideas into a reality. She has great taste and tact when helping promote my good ideas and helping me filter out the bad ones. She did my decorations and they were on point! Our wedding was bohemian and fun. Exactly what I wanted, well organized, and affordable. She also rolled with it when we had to CANCEL and rebook our wedding due to a hurricane. Seriously this girl deserved an award. Thank you, Erin!
Shayna Sengewalt | December 11, 2018
After meeting Erin, I knew she was the wedding coordinator for me. Not only had she done dozens of weddings at my venue (Shoutout to Highland Brewing!), she is also so organized and knowledgeable about the wedding industry and all the local Asheville vendors. I'm a big planner myself, so when I met Erin I knew we would have a great working relationship. And I was right – Erin was a pleasure to work with leading up to the wedding and was a literal BOSS the day-of. Even though I hired Erin for just day-of coordination, she helped tremendously months leading up to the wedding. She also responded to all my texts and emails very promptly and always offered her support and opinion on vendor selection, timeline and decor. And then the day-of the wedding, Erin was a rockstar and her years of experience and professionalism truly shined through. She made our day perfect and even brought us drinks and apps while we were busy taking pictures (seriously, can you ask for more?) Her best advice to us was to take a moment away from our guests to reflect on each other and on the day itself. We were able to take it all in, away from everyone and bask in our most important day. Erin is a truly caring person who is there for you in every aspect of your wedding day. And if that doesn't convince you, many of our guests came up to us during and after the wedding to tell us how awesome Erin was. DUH, we know it! And lastly, let me tell you – if you think you don't need a day-of coordinator (or a wedding planner, in general) – you're wrong. Do yourself a favor, take most of the stress out of wedding planning and hire Erin. She's the most important vendor you'll hire. 🙂
Kelsey Hensley | November 26, 2018
Erin is FANTASTIC!! She was so calm and level headed during our wedding yet kept everything organized and wonderful. We chose her to help with day-of wedding coordination, yet she went above and beyond and was there for us at least a month in advance. She helped us with all the last minute details and communications so that we did not have to worry about anything on our wedding day. She was always so kind in reminding us that this was our day and we could choose to celebrate it however we liked! I would highly recommend Erin for all your wedding planning needs! She is wonderful!!
Amy Holtzapple | October 12, 2018
Erin was fantastic as a Day-Of-Coordinator! She was excellent at communications and helped me stay on task with the timeline. Once I handed everything over to her I could completely relax and let her handle the rest. She set up everything at the reception and the ceremony site. Coordinated with both the photographers and videographers and put together the center pieces and all the reception decor. Everything ran perfectly and afterwards Erin cleaned up the entire space so we could relax and just enjoy the bonfire. She made everything easy piezie plus her rental shop was very handy with items I would have had to buy otherwise. Saved me tons of time.
Magen Hunt | October 11, 2018
Erin is an incredibly creative, easy-going planner and all around delightful human. From day one, she worked to bring to life an event that was bright and joyful. Erin was incredible with helping us identify the most important elements of our day, and what we were most excited about, then putting that into action. She patiently walked me through 2-3 mini meltdowns during planning, including having to start our photography search from square one. She really knew how to listen, advise, and identify action items to make it right. She got to know us quickly, and was able to give advice that was simple and heartfelt. My favorite was “Think of your wedding as a theme party, with you and (groom) as the theme.” We planned long distance with Erin (we were based in NYC at the time for a Raleigh area wedding), and she was so amenable to FaceTime calls and regularly scheduled touchbases to make sure we felt comfortable with how things were going. The distance wasn’t a factor in the slightest. On the day of, Erin never stopped moving. She was helping vendors, directing guests, checking on us, checking on my parents, coordinating with the band and venue, and so much more. We had one snafu with our exit music (sound guy mixed up the songs), and Erin worked with the band to have us enter our reception to the right song. It was amazing, and such a small detail, but she took something negative and made it into one of my favorite memories of the day. All of this is just multiplied by how awesome and cool Erin is as a human. I genuinely enjoyed working and talking with her, and we can’t imagine the day without her hard work.
Lindsay Gsell | October 11, 2018
Erin did a fantastic job as our wedding coordinator! We planned our Asheville destination wedding from Florida and we are so grateful to have had her on our team because she made the whole process run so smoothly. We technically hired her as our "month of" coordinator but she graciously provided us with tons of advice during the months leading up to that . She also provided us with an extremely thorough vendor list, wedding timeline, and budget calculator, all of which were super helpful in planning the wedding. Perhaps most importantly, she was always incredibly positive and has such a calming presence about her! She kept reminding us that this was "our" day, and not to worry about abiding by what we deemed to be the norm. She gave me confidence to make some decisions regarding decor that turned out beautifully. The whole day ran so smoothly and I really did not have to worry about a thing (which says a lot because I tend to be rather "Type A", super detail-oriented, and was hesitant to relinquish control over the execution of the details), so we were truly able to savor every special moment of our big day. Also, she offers a wide array of rental items through her company so we rented beautiful plate chargers, table numbers, and a polaroid camera from her. During our reception, she was out there on the dance floor taking polaroids of our guests and she put them in our polaroid guest book with the cutest captions for us. Another special memento from our day. THANK YOU, ERIN! YOU'RE THE BEST.
Amy | September 30, 2018
Erin was a JOY to work with. I honestly still don't even know how so many things came together on our wedding weekend – she legit just HANDLED everything without me having to be involved. I was able to truly unplug and enjoy the day and she took care of every single detail, with a huge smile on her face. I was always excited to see her because she always looked like she was having so much fun which was our goal for all of our guests!! Our wedding was not without it's hiccups throughout the planning process and Erin felt like my wedding therapist helping us through all sort of brainstorming and last minute changes. She reminded us often that our day could be whatever we wanted it to be and she truly helped us do our wedding in our way! We can't thank her enough for all of her hard work and partnership through the wedding planning process!!
Robin | September 23, 2018
You know that moment when you realized you had just made a new friend? I had that moment with Erin, on the dance floor at my wedding, singing side-by-side to “I Want it That Way” by the Baskstreet Boys. That’s not to say, she wasn’t great before that. She was but after that moment, I even asked her if we could be friends. Her calm demeanor throughout the process kept everyone pretty even keeled. She was incredibly helpful across the board from attending our catering tasting to tracking down missing items post-event. Ryal and I couldn’t have imagined our day with Erin and I would hate to imagine my life without her now. More items: She helped Ryal and I swap gifts pre-ceremony, run through the ceremony and feel more comfortable on the day of, coordinate how much alcohol to order, etc. Hire her, you won’t regret it!
Heather Curtis | September 20, 2018
Erin is the real deal. We chose her after reading through her website, and after one FaceTime we knew she was THE ONE. My husband and I chose Asheville for our wedding, never having visited there, and not knowing much about it. Erin went to work recommending vendors, contacting the vendors we liked (even if they weren’t the ones she recommended). We put our trust in her and were not disappointed in the least. We were BEYOND impressed with how much work she put in to our wedding. All the little details that I was stressing about came off beautifully. The day of, Erin was there from beginning to end and my husband and I didn’t have to do a thing. Erin continually reassured us that this was our day, and we should enjoy it, and leave the worrying to her. We honestly didn’t think it was possible to have such a smooth wedding day, but with Erin, it is possible! She is also a very sweet, kind, caring person on top of being amazing and passionate about her job. We also trusted her with our florals (we had a small, intimate wedding) and she knocked it out of the park. They were gorgeous and even better than what I envisioned. Every guest remarked to us what an awesome person she is, and what a great job she was doing. We are so appreciative of Erin and everything she did to make our wedding the wedding of our dreams!
Laura Meierkort | September 10, 2018
Oh my goodness, I honestly don't even know where to start the long list of wonderful things! From the very beginning, Erin was fabulous! Our first phone call and I knew we were going to be friends because she was awesome. She answered all my questions and concerns immediately and was on top of everything! I no longer had to worry about communicating with the vendors and the tiny details because she handled it all PERFECTLY! She asked me what my biggest stressors were and handled them all! My wedding went absolutely perfectly and we could not have done that without Erin and her wonderful assistant Sierra also! It was an absolutely magical night and we can not thank Erin enough for all of her help. I was a very calm bride the weeks leading up to the wedding because of her! Love love love! She was out there setting up chairs for the wedding and tearing pedals off roses for the aisle! She definitely went above and beyond for us and for that, we are grateful!
Lindsey Hamrick | September 2, 2018
OH. MY. WORD. Do not miss your chance to have Erin be a part of your life! When we first started looking into wedding planners/coordinators, we were honestly just price-shopping. But it only took 1 phone call with Erin to know that she was the one for us! She invests in the marriage of her clients, not just the shiny-bits of the wedding day. To be honest, I didn't really appreciate how special that was until our wedding day. So many things went wrong on our wedding day, but Erin helped us stay focused on the prize (marrying each other, woohoo!) & ultimately helped us create beautiful, loving memories from a crazy stressful day! We are forever grateful to have had such a rockstar planner & now a rockstar friend! –Sierra + Glenn
Sierra Whitt | August 11, 2018
When I say we had the best wedding, it would have never been possible without some amazing vendors, especially Erin Lowndes (Owner of Plain with Sprinkles) guiding us through the process and making our day flawless. I was the bride with a vision that didn't do a single taste testing, left my florals up to Erin, decided what I was doing with my hair the day of, and picked a DJ 3 weeks before the wedding! She handled all of those things with grace. The day of, she checked on Michael Bryant and I constantly making sure we had everything we needed all while setting up our venue and putting the finishing touches on our AMAZING floral. I actually cried when she showed me my bouquet! I have never seen a person be in two places at once but somehow she was. If anyone is ever looking for a wedding planner that has incredible taste, this is the girl for you! Thank you a thousand times over for giving us THE BEST DAY!
Dana Bryant | July 23, 2018

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