Aloha Wedding Productions

Each of our videos is #madewithALOHA and no two videos are the same. That’s because we take great care and attention in capturing the spirit of our couples, the vibe of the day and the unique love between them ?

Aloha Wedding Productions was created out of the need for more creative, individualized wedding coverage. We’re a (soon-to-be) husband and wife team that believes in the art of preserving memories through the highest quality cinematic storytelling. No two weddings are the same – So why would they be captured the same way? We build relationships before the cameras even come out, so that we can plan the best, most genuine production for a couple based on their story, day and relationship. Because we give so much attention to detail and personality in our highlights, we want the first time you watch your wedding video to be an experience in itself. We’re not talking about cookie cutter plug n’ chug video; We’re talking about the story of a moment in time, the experience of sitting down with your partner over a glass of wine to relive that feeling, a night years down the line where that video becomes a bedtime story for your own kids and their kids. That’s powerful. That’s why we do what we do. We don’t ever want to be just another ✅ on your wedding planning to-do list. We want to be a meaningful, intentional decision by couples that value personality shining through in their photos and video. It’s like Bridechilla says, “You shouldn’t have to fake smile on your wedding day”! We’re on your team.

  • We are fully FAA licensed, insured and ready for take off!
  •  We're engaged!  Can we film our own wedding?
  • You know you look good!  We're here to capture that.
  • We know it can be stressful looking for a wedding videographer, especially when you're confronted with thousands of Instagram photos of couples looking so happy and in love on the daily and you're just hoping you can find someone who can capture the same in you.  Even the thought of being on camera can be frightening (It is for me too!), but the trick is getting to know your videographer ahead of time.  Most of the couples we serve come to us as strangers, and leave as friends.
  • You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a plane ticket to Hawai'i...
  • You'll always remember the sound of the waves and the breeze on your neck and your toes in the sand as you say "I do"
  • Another ring shot? Yes please!
  • These brides have been best friends since they were kids and their love story as told through speeches is the sweetest!  Check out their highlight at
  • "You shouldn't have to fake smile on your wedding day" - Bridechilla


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