What is a Bridechilla

After three years of hosting the Bridechilla Podcast, I am more than aware of all of the shit that you can experience when planning your wedding and spoiler alert, it doesn't look very much like the magical experience some wedding magazines present.

Weddings can be expensive.
Weddings can make you feel overwhelmed, both physically and emotionally.
Weddings can take over your whole life.
Weddings can make you question your sanity.
Weddings can make you elope (and that's totally ok)

I know all this because I've planned a wedding, I've been there through the highs and the lows but the good news is, I had a bit of an epiphany at the midway point during wedding planning... I cracked the code. I ditched the wedding stress. We stayed on budget and I kissed crappy expectations and pressure goodbye.

I Became A Bridechilla

I realised perfection isn’t actually a thing
I ditched traditions that were meaningless to me
I stopped being driven by obligations or old promises
stopped being a hero and I accepted support and help when I needed it 
I remembered that I had a life outside of wedding planning