Work with Bridechilla

by Aleisha

We’re delighted that you are interested in sharing your knowledge and insights with the Bridechilla Community and are interested to learn more about who you are and what you do!  
We get lots of submissions from wedding pros, PR representatives and experts worldwide, so to make sure you are at the top of our guest list, we encourage you to-

  • Listen to the show to see if you or your clients are a good fit
  • Explore the topics that have been previously covered and create a list of topics that you believe are relevant to our audience
  • Bridechilla is all about making wedding planning easier, de-stressing and removing the bullshit- how can you or your client help!?

If you would like to promote your product business or service to The Bridechilla Community, awesome! We offer a range of sponsored options that can be tailored to suit you needs including our amazing Bridechilla Vendor Directory, a must for all vendors that believe and promote the Bridechilla ethos and  want to attract the best clients around...Bridechillas!
Click through to request our digital Media Pack and we will get back to you to hook up a time to chat.